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Another breastfeeding success story

Tong Ru Dan is a Chinese Herbal Formula specifically to increase breastmilk production (with Qi and Blood Deficiency).

Tong Ru Dan is a Chinese Herbal Formula used ┬áto increase breastmilk production (for women with “Qi and Blood Deficiency”).

D came to see me for the first time last week. She is 38 years old and gave birth to her first child (a Boy!) 4 months ago. D has been committed to breastfeeding the whole time. Due to minor complications at birth, her son did not latch quickly and was given formula. Mom’s milk came in day 6-7. She came to see me hoping to get her son off formula completely. He was having one formula feed at night (at which time she would pump breastmilk) and otherwise nursing and drinking expressed breastmilk the rest of the day.

I treated D with acupuncture and asked Dr. Yuxiang Wang ( to make her a herbal formula (the picture in this blog is of one day’s worth of herbs).

I saw D today, 6 days since we began working together and she had great news. After one day, D felt soreness and fullness in her breasts. Her milk production has been increasing steadily and last night she pumped 180ml. Before she started treatment she was pumping less than 100ml. Both mom and baby are happy and doing well. Wow!


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